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Welcome! New and returning PhD students to the 2014-15 academic year.

Our first monthly colloquium is on the 9th of October, where we start off our intellectual adventures for this year with Ruth Mason and Elsa Court presenting their work. The colloquium will begin at 16.30 in UCL Pearson Building Room G07. We will as usual continue informal discussions over wine. All are welcome.

Monthly colloquia will be held on a Thursday each month between 16:30 and 18:00. Watch this space for further dates and venues. Please do get in touch with stadtkolloquium[at] if you would like to present some aspect of your current research (a chapter, a paper, a proposal, a conundrum, etc) in one of the coloquia. The presenters are usually allotted 40 minutes each - 20 minutes for presentations and 20 minutes for questions, feedback and discussion. The idea is to be share an aspect or the outcome of one's research and receive constructive feedback from fellow PhD students.

Please also get in touch if you are inspired to set up a reading group, a project, symposium, workshop, writing collective of any kind and form and we will be happy to help you set it up.

For further details on past reading groups, visit the Reading Group page.

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