Details about colloquia taking place during the Academic Year 2014/5 can be found below:

16 April 2015: Paz Concha (LSE Sociology): 'Curating Markets: The Street Food Scene in London' and Mona Sloane (LSE Sociology): 'Tuning the City – Investigating Urban Design Practices in the Aesthetic Economy'.

19 March 2015: Olga Petri (Cambridge Geography): 'Policing Queer St. Petersburg: Male Homosexual Experience in Early 20th-Century Russia' and Laura Marshall (UCL Geography): '(Trans)forming Spaces: Exploring experiences of men with transgender identities in London and Yorkshire'.

19 February 2015: Fabien Cante (LSE Media & Communications): 'Infrastructures of Urban Locality? Radio and the Performance of Proximity in Abidjan' and Katherine Robinson (LSE Sociology): 'Placing the Public Library: Exploring the Relationship between the Public Library and its Locality.'

20 November 2014: 'May I walk with you? Exploring difference and inequality in everyday walking practices in Santiago de Chile', Soledad Martinez Rodriguez (UCL Geography), and 'New ways of looking into the experience of cities', Panos Mavros (UCL Bartlett).

9 October 2014: 'From Sacraments to Scales: using spatial and material analysis to approach historical experiences of Methodism in London (1851-1932)', Ruth Mason (UCL Geography), and '“Stationary Trivialities” in Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita (1955): a European take on the Great American Roadside', Elsa Court (UCL English).