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2011 Workshop

The second Stadtkolloquium workshop took place on the 28th and 29th March 2011 at UCL and built on the success of the first and integrated the recommendations of the previous year’s participants. Expanded to a two day format the workshop involved three simultaneous tracks, each consisting of nine presentations under the three general themes of urban futures, urban histories, and urban connections, described as such within the call for papers:

a. Urban futures

How is the urban realm imagined? What models can grasp urban complexities? Visions for the future of cities.

b. Urban histories

How have cities been represented, imagined and contested in the past across various realms (planning, literature, film, architecture)? Lessons from history.

c. Urban connections
How do cities and communities build networks and collaborations? Urban networks and systems. 

A plenary session on the morning of the second day was then followed by three methodology workshops led by established academics and recently completed or close to completion doctoral candidates. 

Details of the 34 particpants and their individual presentations alongs with the three track summaries presented at the workshop plenary and some of the feedback recieved are available below:


Track Summaries