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"Thank you very much for organizing such a fantastic conference, and please do send my regards to the other chairs and contributors. It was my first time at a conference like this and I thought that the division in a day of presentations and a day of discussions of methods was particularly useful to me. I think the format is excellent and should be maintained for future events like this. I also very much enjoyed the fact that during the presentations there was no real hierarchy between speakers, respondents, and an audience. It created a space where research could be shared rather then just presented and discussed. I found that very valuable. The sessions on methods were inspiring, facilitated by experienced researchers willing to open up their approaches. I hope you can organize the Stadtkolloquium again next year, and I also look forward to talk to you again soon and hope to join some of the many activities that have been introduced to me during the conference."

"This was a great event and was really productive for thinking about my research, and it was excellent to meet all of you and see some really interesting crossovers with our research and experiences."

"I agree, that the workshop was fantastic!This workshop is an excellent forum for getting feedback when you're 
in quite the beginning of your phd. There was not too much pressure and the presentations and discussions could
go quite deeply into the research project."
"Thank you all for your time and effort in putting together the Stadtkolloquium again this year.  
It was a really great format for us all to explore and question each others research about the urban from a
range of disciplines and outlooks. 45mins for presenting and getting feedback was fantastic and allowed for
a depth of discussion to develop across projects over the day. It was also really great for swapping references.
Everyone also contributed to a great atmosphere of sharing and openness which doesn't always happen at these
events. I really got a lot out of it in terms of knowing about other people, their research, research methods,
experiences, and their critical eye on my own research.  I was particularly impressed by the summaries done by
the chairs of each track because they managed to reformulate the work presented in a way that made it accessible
for people who were not in that track to understand both the research presented and the discussion around it. It
was also great to hear the research contextualised in a different way from how the author might have first
presented it, with connections and themes across other research presented.  A very big congratulations for
pulling it together so well and an even bigger THANK YOU for doing it!"
"Thank you again so much for the Stadtkolloquium conference.  It was extremely useful and really well organised.
As I'm only 2 months in I found hearing from people near the end of their PhDs and getting feedback on my idea
extremely valuable during day one. The groups were a perfect size and the time we had for each session was just
right. I'm still trying to digest all the feedback ;-)  With day 2 I found it very helpful to hear how others
have coped with their research and it's helped me to plan and think ahead which I wouldn't have got anywhere
else I feel. The range of topics discussed was fantastic (I surprisingly listened to everyone for the entire day
which is rather rare for me!)  Anyway - I wanted to thank you again as you did an excellent job and I'm very
grateful to you for having provided me with such an opportunity to discuss my work and learn from others -
thank you.
"Thank you for organizing this workshop- it was a brilliant experience for me to meet with other students
working on similar themes. Not only did i get great constructive feedback, but this helped me look at my project
from a difference lens altogether.  Thank you all from the Urban Futures track for the invaluable comments as
"Thank you for those days of great discussions."