Urban Connections [C]

19. Virginia Stephens

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20. Måns Norlin

The negotiated understanding ‘God terms’ in the planning practice. [Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp]

21. Astrid Wood

The Politics of Learning Networks [Department of Geography, University College London]

22. Francesca Artioli

Urban governance and army restructuring. Conflicts and cooperation in Toulon public policies
[Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po Paris]

23.Jana Wendler

Active Cities – Re-imagining the urban as a playground for sustainability. [Geography School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester]

24. Tauri Tuvikene

The Universalisation of Car Culture and Neoliberal Developments in Postsocialist Estonia. [Department of Geography, University College London]

25. Sara Saleri

Negotiating Space and Meaning in the Plural City. [Semiotics, University of Bologna]

26. Regan Koch

‘Pay-what-you-want’ meals and community kitchens [Department of Geography, University College London]

27. Stephanie Mills

Increasing Resilience and the adaptive capacity of cities through social innovation. [Department of Geography, University College London]