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2012 CFP

The Deadline for Stadtkolloquium 2012 Annual Workshop abstracts has now passed and the CFP is now closed.

Annual Workshop 2012

Call for papers

The UCL Urban Laboratory is organizing its annual 2-day workshop for PhD research students in urban-related disciplines. The workshop will provide an open, informal and intimate space to collaborate and discuss progress amongst peers with regard to topical, theoretical, practical or methodological concerns. We therefore welcome contributions from students at all stages of the dissertation process.  

*Stadtkolloquium* aims to create a supportive environment for urban researchers who to develop their work and meet PhD students from other departments and universities. The workshop is unique in that all participants agree to both present their work and support others in doing so in small group sessions. Organizers hope to generate lively round-table discussions on diverse urban questions across various academic disciplines including Geography, Architecture, History, Anthropology, Literature, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Fine Arts, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Health Sciences, Planning, Engineering and beyond. 

The four thematic tracks for the 2012 workshop are: 

A. Experiencing the urban

This workshop track will attend to the experiential dimension of the urban: the subjective, immaterial, in some cases fleeting and emotive multi-sensuous engagements with urban space, past and present. It encourages papers that adopt broadly humanist, phenomenological and ‘more-than-representational' (Lorimer 2005) perspectives; which emphasise practice, movement, perception, performance and affect. This track welcomes but is not limited to contributions which emphasise the auditory, somatic, visual, olfactory and gustatory nature of urban contexts and apply notions of rhythm (Lefebvre 1992), dwelling (Ingold 1993), and memory (Tilley 1997).

Key Words: experience, subjectivity, emotion, senses, perception, practice

B. Urban Interventions

Drawing upon the theme of 'urban interventions this track will explore various forms of acting into cities in ways that reconfigure, or seek to alter, existing social arrangements. Such urban interventions might take the shape of political mobilizations or contestations, technological innovations, emerging social practices or the articulation of alternative visions for urban life. We welcome contributions from a range of urban-related disciplines dealing with matters of urban policy and planning, technology and engineering, political or social theory, or that are broadly connected with the challenges or possibilities of urban life. 

Keywords: social movements, urban politics, emerging trends, experiments, changing practices, urban policy

C. Society, Nature & Cities

This track will focus on the interrelatedness and interdependencies of the systems of society, nature and cities. It welcomes contributions that shape and advance an understanding of sustainable and resilient pathways of development and particularly encourages papers that consider the networks that mediate the flows within and between these systems. Interpretations of these systemic flows can include environmental, financial, social and political exchanges, incorporating approaches from a wide range of disciplines; from concepts of urban metabolism to institutional theory, and political analysis to systems thinking and development studies.

Key words: urban metabolisms, socio-natures, infrastructure, networks of mediation, sustainability, resilience

D. Transnational Urbanism

This track will explore the implications for urban areas of the mobility of people, goods, capital and information across borders, in particular the transnational networks and ties that both shape and evolve from these flows. As cities increasingly find themselves competing on a global stage (Sassen 1998), the traffic of ideas, people and models between cities has similarly increased (Roy and Ong 2011). This track welcomes papers that discuss the relationships between urban spaces and these transnational flows. In particular we welcome contributions that consider the broad range of actors involved in transnational urban networks, from city leaders and international consultants to grassroots movements and individuals.

Keywords: transnational, mobility, networks, migration, citizenship

* Workshop Dates - The workshop will take place on 26 & 27 March 2012 at University College London. On the first day, each participant will be given 20 minutes to present their work in small groups of 8 people, followed by 25 minutes of feedback and discussion. The second day will be dedicated to a plenary discussion, two keynote lectures and small group workshops based on accepted participant’s suggestions. 

Call for papers - If you are interested in discussing your work, please send us an abstract (no more than 250 words) of the project you would like to present. Past participants have presented work ranging from upgrade documents, PhD outlines, sample dissertations chapters and journal papers in progress. Please note that while the intimate nature of the workshop provides a uniquely engaging experience, it also significantly limits the number of proposals we are able to accept. Competition for spaces in years past has been very tight.

In submitting an abstract, please include the following:
-A title and 250 word abstract

-Your name, university, department, and year of study.

-In the subject line of your email, please indicate which workshop group (A, B, C, D) you are applying for.

-Abstracts should be emailed to

* Deadline for proposals: 15th of January 2012 (**extended deadline is 30th of January for Tracks C and D**).

* A small conference fee may apply (approx. 20 GBP).