Details about the colloquia that took place during the academic year 2012/3 can be found below.

20 June 2013: '"Culture, in a place like this?": edgy places', Katherine Robinson (LSE Sociology, PhD Student).

16 May 2013: archived information TBC.

21 February 2013: 'Pathway of production(s): Urban risk reduction in Manila', Soo-Jin Kim (UCL DPU, PhD Student), and 'Urban megaprojects, change and routine: making the everydayness of big infrastructure', Anna Plyushteva (UCL Geography, PhD Student).

24 January 2013: '"Unreal City": the marvellous metropolis of contemporary urban fantasy', Hadas Elber-Aviram (UCL English, PhD Student), and 'An alternative approach to retrofit in the domestic sector', Felicity Davies.

13 December 2012: 'Sustainable event-led regenration: governance of London 2012 Olympic Games', Özlem Edizel, and 'Subverting space with Occupy London', Sam Halvorsen.

15 November 2012: 'Borderland Levant: transformign urban geographies in Amman and Tel Aviv-Jaffa', Siegfriend Atteneder (UCL DPU), and 'GENERIC SPACE // Model / Abstraction / Organisation', Jeremy Lecomte (Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies).

18 October 2012: 'Sustainability in motion: global consultants and the international travels of the sustainable masterplan', Elizabeth Rapoport (UCL Engineering), and 'Between Lefebvre and Bourdieu: on the relations of ideology and practice and their implications for urban research', Karol Kurnicki (Jagiellonian University/University of Plymouth, Sociology).