23 January 2014

The first meeting of 2014 took place in Pearson G.07 at 4.30pm.

Katy Beinart - PhD Architectural Design at Bartlett School of Architecture.

Katy will be presenting material from the PhD that she is working on currently. Her research in Brixton aims to propose strategies of engagement and ways of translating between stakeholders in the regeneration process. The title of the project is Salted Earth which looks at the effects of migrant cultures on place and how these are displaced through regeneration; using salt as a register for the different diasporic cultures that connect in Brixton Market and how these link through language, ritual and trade. Project blog:http://saltedearth.net

Matthew Harle - PhD candidate English and Humanities Birkbeck. 

Matthew will be speaking about a book called Tomorrow's London produced by the GLC in 1968, an attempt to cajole Londoners into agreeing with the Council's ambitious modernist development plans. The images in Tomorrow’s London include expansive modernist townscapes, a variety of monorail systems, offices of ‘the future’, one-person electric vehicles, large aquatic leisure centres in central London, jet fighters landing on Tower Bridge and hovercrafts. Matt's wider project is a study of unfinished projects across literature, urban space, archives and visual culture.