18 October 2012

Elizabeth Rapoport (Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL)

"Sustainability in motion: global consultants and the international travels of the sustainable masterplan"


Karol Kurnicki (Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków/Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth)

"Between Lefebvre and Bourdieu: On the relations of ideology and practice and their implications for urban research"

In my talk I will consider several theoretical issues which form a part of my doctoral project (“Ideologies in a city. On social production of urban space”). The main general hypothesis is that urban space is produced by society in the social process which is informed and influenced by ideologies. However, there is never a clear and direct connection between ideology and space. Ideology, to be influential in space must be enacted in social and material practice. The sociological investigation of production of space (as defined by Lefebrve) must therefore include observable and apprehensible practices of social actors in space. In my presentation I would like to ponder the possible connection between Lefebvre’s ideas on space (spatial triad, production of space) and Bourdieu’s sociological and anthropological work on the social.