Reading Group

Last year, the reading group focused on texts in urban studies written after 2000. The goal was to keep on track with recent developments in the field, so we are reading texts that are or seemed to be widely used and debated in urban studies.

Tauri Tuvikene, one of our steering committee members, lead the reading group on:

Neil Brenner (2004) "New state spaces: urban governance and the rescaling of statehood"

Meetings took place fortnightly on Thursdays.
  • 1st meeting was on Thursday 31 October (2.30 pm to 4pm) at Southbank, Royal Festival Hall, Level 2 (see map). We read the introduction and chapter 2.
  • 2nd meeting was on Thusday 14 November at UCL. 
  • 3rd meeting was on Thursday 28 November at King's College London.
  • 4th meeting was on Thursday 12 December followed by Neil Brenner's talk at UCL Bartlett (6pm) (6th chapter). Happily, Prof. Brenner was able to join the reading group, on our request, and participate in our discussion.
For more information on this Reading Group, please e-mail tauri.tuvikene.10 [at]

Previous readings: Edward Soja (2010) "Seeking Spatial Justice"

Doreen Massey (2005) "For Space".

For the coming year, we welcome expression of interest from urban PhD students to start a reading group. The format so far has been to focus on a single book. But, you are welcome to put forth different ideas. There can be as many reading groups as there are interested participants.